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Top Stock Databases

The Wall Street News Network is a source for many different databases of stock industries and pure plays. The databases are in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but could also be opened with other spreadsheets, including Open Office. The database can be downloaded, sorted, and updated, and can be opened on an Apple Macintosh or a Windows PC.

One of the most popular databases is the list of stocks owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. The Warren Buffett stock list shows the stock names and symbols, price to earnings (P/E) ratios, and the dividend yields.

Most of these stock databases are free, with a few of them carrying a small price.

These stock databases are updated on an irregular basis. Some are updated monthly, some updated quarterly.

As you will notice from the list, numerous stock sectors and industries are listed, including coffee stocks, beer stocks, candy stocks, robotics stocks, stem cell stocks, wine stocks, and casino stocks. Many of these are pure play stocks.

Our most popular lists are the ex-dividend stock lists. These are the lists of stocks that are going ex dividend during the month.

Keep checking back on a regular basis to see what new stock lists we are currently publishing.

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Stock Database Downloads

The following are links to downloads of various listing of stock databases, in the form of Excel spreadsheets, which you can sort, extract information from and add information to. If you don't have Excel, the files will not open. As an alternative, you can right click on the link, choose Save Link As, save the file onto your hard drive, then open it from within Google Spreadsheets or another spreadsheet program.

Airline Stocks

Anti Terrorism Stocks

Apparel Clothing Stocks

Beer Stocks

Beverage Soft Drink Stocks

Biotechnology Stocks

Brazil Stocks

Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Stocks

Business Development Corporations and Private Equity Stocks

Canada High Yield Stocks

Candy and Chocolate Stocks

Carlos Slim Stocks

Casino Stocks

Charlie Sheen Stocks

Chemical Stocks

China High Yield Stocks

Cloud Computer Stocks

Coffee Stocks

Diversified Computer Systems Stocks

Cord Blood Stocks

Cosmetic Surgery Stocks

Death Stocks

Dividend Increasing Stocks

Education Stocks

Entertainment High Yield Stocks

Ex Dividend in January 2013

Ex Dividend in February 2013

Ex Dividend in March 2013

Ex Dividend in April 2013

Ex Dividend in May 2013

Ex Dividend in June 2013

Ex Dividend in July 2013

Ex Dividend in August 2013

Ex Dividend in September 2013

Exotic Master Limited Partnerships

Facial Recognition Stocks

Fiscal Cliff Bill

Ken Fisher Stocks mentioned in Forbes

Food Stocks

France Stocks

Gisele Stocks

Gold and Silver High Yield Stocks

Al Gore Stocks

Health Food Stocks

High Yield Gas Utility Stocks

High Yield Electric Utility Stocks

High Yield Water Utility Stocks

High Cash, No Debt, High Yield Stocks

High Yield Stocks Below $10 per Share

Horse Race Stocks

India Stocks

Infrastructure Stocks

Israeli High Yield Stocks

Italy Stocks

Justin Bieber Stock Index

Kate Middleton Stock Index

Lindsay Lohan Stock Index

Marijuana Stocks

Mexico Stocks

Monthly Dividend Stocks

No Debt High Yield Stocks

Oil and Gas MLPs

Pawn Shop and Payday Loan Stocks (Desperation Stocks)

Pharmaceutical High Yield Large Stocks

Pet Stocks

Prison Stocks

Rare Earth Metals Stocks

REITs with High Yields

Residential REITs High Yield

Robot Robotics Stocks

Sofia Vergara Stocks

Spain Stocks

Stem Cell Stocks

Stocks Selling Below Cash Per Share

Tax Free Stocks (Stocks that pay tax exempt dividends)

Tea Stocks

Temporary Staffing Stocks

3D Printing Stocks

Tobacco High Yield Stocks

Triple Bearish ETFs

Turkish Stocks

UK British Stocks traded on the NYSE

Ultra Long ETFs

Vietnam Stocks

Wine and Liquor Stocks

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Highest Priced Traded Shares

There are many high priced stocks, besides the Warren Buffett managed Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRKA), that sell for over a $1,000 per share. Check out these very high priced shares here.

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