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"Stock Market Trivia with Fred Fuld III" San Francisco Money Show, San Francisco, California, 2016

"Top Stocks of the Future Industries with Fred Fuld III" San Francisco Money Show, San Francisco, California, 2016

"Self-Publish Your Book in 30 Minutes with Fred Fuld III" Benicia Literary Arts, Benicia, California, 2016

"Write a Book in 30 Days, Publish in 30 Minutes" Surfwriters, Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, 2015

"Scoundrels of Wall Street" Peninsula Seniors Association, Palos Verdes, California, 2015

"Blogging for Dollars" Walnut Creek Successful Thinkers, California, 2015

"How to Write, Publish, and Market Your First Book" Walnut Creek Successful Thinkers, California, 2015

"Stock Market Trivia: Who Says Wall Street is Boring?" Museum of American Finance, New York City, 2014

"Financial Scoundrels" California State University, 2013

"Spotlight on Dividend Stocks" The Money Show, San Francisco, 2011

"Dividend Investing" The Money Show, San Francisco & Las Vegas, 2010

"The Green Light on Green Stocks" The Money Show, San Francisco, 2009

Green Investing Panel, The Money Show, San Francisco, 2009

"History of the Stock Market" California State University, 2006



Beach Detective: Woman Overboard (my first mystery book)

Write a Book in 30 Days, Publish in 30 Minutes

Stock Market Trivia: Special Section on the Weird Words of Wall Street

Stock Market Trivia Volume 2: Who Says Wall Street is Boring?

Let Me Entertain You with Antique Stock Certificates: The History of the Entertainment Industry through Old Stocks and Bonds

Antique Stock Certificate Almanac 2014: Antique Stock & Bond Price Guide

Get Tax Free Income from Municipal Bonds: High Yield Tax Exempt Interest

Buying Dividends Revised and Expanded: High Returns from the Dividend Capture System

The Green Light on Green Stocks: A Quick Guide to Green Investing and Making Money in Alternative Energy Stocks

Investing in Brazil Stocks: Get Rich from the South American Giant

Televison Appearances

CNBC: "On the Money"

CNBC: "Paris Portfolio Ka-Ching"

Fox Business: "Money For Breakfast"

GloboTV: "Business News"

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